Working Groups & Cooperation Partners

DGTCM Working groups

We have sorted the following list of working groups and their working group leaders alphabetically according to subject areas or symptoms of disease. In future, you will also find here a separate website for each working group focusing more intensively on the individual symptoms of disease and the new approaches with integrated Chinese Medicine.

Eye diseases / Ophthalmology

Dr. med. Franz Romstöck

Occupational medicine

Dr. med. Johannes Greten


Dr. med. Andreas Spuller

Skin diseases / Dermatology

Dr. med. Johannes Greten

Heart diseases / Cardiology

Dr. med. Carl Tobias Greten

Paediatric clinic / Paediatrics

Dr. med. Johannes Greten


Dr. med. Johannes Greten

Cancer / Oncology

Dr. med. Arne Ströhlein

Laser acupuncture

Frank Brazkiewicz

Ear diagnostics, Ear acupuncture

Dr. med. Jürgen Stürmer

Multiple Sclerosis, Polyneuropathy,  Neurology

Dr. med. Sven Schröder

Back pain

Dr. med. Johannes Gerten

Tinnitus & Sudden hearing loss, ENT treatments

Dr. med. Johannes Greten

Vetinary medicine with integrated Chinese Medicine

Dr. Heinrich Kocyla

DGTCM Cooperation partners

  • Heidelberg School of Chinese Medicine (HSCM)
  • Deutsch Chinesische Forschungsgemeinschaft für Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin (DCFG-TCM) – German-Chinese Research Foundation for Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Gesellschaft der Förderer der DCFG-TCM – Society of Sponsors of the DCFG-TCM
  • International Scientific Chinese Medicine Association (ISCMA)
  • University Clinics of Heidelberg
  • University of Mainz: Department of Pharmaceutical Biology
  • Universidade do Porto – Instituto de Ciéncias Biomédicas Abel Salazar (ICBAS)
  • Capital University of Beijing
  • Tianjing University of TCM
  • Shanghai University of TCM
  • Yunnan United College