In Tuina, very specific techniques are applied with the hands which counteract the penetrated agents and take into account the local physical conditions (sensitivity of the region, constitution of the patient, conduit conditions). Tuina has often a much more intense and persistent effect than acupuncture, but is still largely unknown in Germany.

The 4 main technical components can be combined:

  • Compression
  • Vibro-pression
  • Movement on the tissue – with the special form of
  • Grasping and pinching (compression, tugging, moving)

These components of Tuina have certain physiological effects in the context of Chinese medical theory which are logically explained for the first time in the training of DGTCM and can therefore be used very effectively.

The training in Chinese Manual Therapy is primarily aimed at doctors who want to expand their treatment options by manual techniques of Chinese Medicine. It is also aimed at other health professionals working as therapists (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, masseurs, medical lifeguards and speech and language therapists) who want to familiarize themselves with expert hands with a new, theoretically and practically self-contained system, Chinese Medicine.