Master & Education


DGTCM Education Concept

In our education concept, Chinese Medicine is explained in a stringently logical way as a scientific and practice-related system. We attach particular importance to the Chinese diagnosis, which we teach according to the currently best and most precise representation, the Heidelberg Model of TCM. In this way, the different education cycles of TCM are based on a uniform concept within which priorities can be set according to individual interests.

TCM postgraduate and master study programme

DGTCM has been involved in establishing the first TCM master study programme for healthcare professionals at a university in Europe. This title is awarded by the University of Porto. The courses of our society and the Heidelberg School of Chinese Medicine can be fully credited towards it. You can register for these courses directly at the University of Porto for € 3000 and € 3500 respectively. After examining and solving the formalities, postgraduation can be fully credited towards the master study programme. Participants who do not meet the strict admission criteria can also attend the courses. Here you can acquire corresponding certificates and diplomas, which then entitle you to apply for an equivalence procedure.

Education takes place according to the ISCMA curriculum. This curriculum was submitted by ISCMA to the Chinese government in 1999. The State Administration of Chinese Medicine rated the scientific model on which our curriculum is based with the words: the future model to integrate Chinese Medicine in Western health care systems and research”. The study programme consists of various modules such as Basic Clinical Sciences, Advanced Clinical Sciences, Clinical Subjects, Clinical Strategy, Phytopharmacology. Everything worth knowing about the study programme.

5-year full education in Traditional Chinese Medicine for doctors

The full education programme of DGTCM also takes place according to the ISCMA curriculum. We start in the 5-year education for doctors with the diagnostic and therapeutic basics of TCM. In continuation, individual priorities can then be set depending on your interests. Please read more about this under course descriptions. Incidentally, the five years are not to be regarded as binding. Depending on the time invested, the frequency of courses and your previous knowledge, you can also significantly shorten the education. Our supervised case reports (e.g. bedside teaching) enable you to put into practice what you have learned during education and use it with great success right from the start. Everything worth knowing about this education.

Additional qualification in acupuncture for doctors

The acupuncture courses of DGTCM correspond to the teaching and learning curricula of the continuing education courses for the additional qualification in acupuncture according to the guidelines of the (model) continuing education regulations of the German Chamber of Physicians.

Subsequently, an examination can then be taken in front of the respective Chamber of Physicians. Continuing education in acupuncture only aims at medical doctors!