DGTCM – Our Concept

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin (German Society for Traditional Chinese Medicine) is a scientific specialist society for all methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine. DGTCM started over 30 years ago as a small working group at Heidelberg University consisting of young natural scientists and Chinese guest scientists. We have gradually become a large society that has primarily become known for its professional and content-oriented work out of interest in the subject.

Our Education Concept

In our education concept, Chinese Medicine is explained in a stringently logical way as a scientific and practice-related system. We attach particular importance to the Chinese diagnosis, which we teach according to the currently best and most precise representation, the Heidelberg Model of TCM. In this way, the different education cycles of TCM are based on a uniform concept within which priorities can be set according to individual interests. Our ground-breaking concepts as to content and didactics have earned us high international recognition.

These include:

  • the concept of the phases as a regulatory system
  • the decoding of the Shan han lun, a very central scripture if Chinese Medicine, the classic of “cold” damage
  • the idea of having to see the Chinese medicinal plants in the wild in a medicinal herb garden of our own in order to be able to absorb this knowledge at all