German Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Best TCM Formation

Success is fun and motivates.
Go new ways. Well-founded, systematic and effective. Because if you intend to use Chinese Medicine professionally, you are exactly right with us. Our scientific course concept is exemplary in terms of content, reasonably structured and conclusive. All core information can be looked up in well-recognized textbooks. Scientific publications confirm the superior therapeutic success of the Heidelberg Model over “prescription acupuncture”: the most advanced scientific model of TCM, fully compatible with China’s old scriptures, yet highly modern and contemporary.

„… the future model to integrate Chinese Medicine in western health care systems and research.“

In addition to formation for doctors, we also offer recognized courses in an Open School, among others for paramedics and psychologists. Course contents and fees. Special offer for newcomers.

Making a New Start

Thinking should always be refreshed.
After all, science should fertilize life, learning should be an inner growth. Therefore, sterile memorization has no place with us. This is why there are a lot of memo-tricks and little stubborn swotting. TCM really makes sense and becomes clear: see people with their symptoms and emotions in a new light. In this way, you gain a higher emotional competence and a new sense of purpose. The patients feel it. It is important to us to come to better concepts through a deeper inner understanding. Doctors and therapists also have a right to a meaningful life, just like all other people.

By the way, placebo-controlled studies clearly show:
more ability to concentrate, less burn-out, less anxiety due to TCM lifestyle exercises. You also learn those in addition.

Community of Colleagues

Our courses connect people.
Like-minded people find each other via their common interest in a fascinating science.

We teach in small groups in a well-known good learning atmosphere. The majority of our courses take place in the unique atmosphere of Heidelberg, the city of German romanticism, poetry and philosophy. After all, 55 Nobel laureates have emerged from this city of science – this inspires as if by itself. We, too, once emerged from a student working group – and you can feel that.

We still see ourselves today as a collegial community sharing ideas, experiencing things in common and connecting with each other. Special highlights are our courses in the first European herb garden of TCM in the Provence which we experience and enjoy close to nature.